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Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.

We all know that plastic is not at all eco-friendly. The growing use of plastic and papers is a big threat to the environment. To solve this problem, we have introduced our biodegradable and eco-friendly product to supersede the paper and plastic. Amazing, isn't it?
Our product excels in all the manners - be it the durability, ease of use, recyclability or great ink adhesion. Our expert designers have put sufficient endeavours to offer you an economical and eco-friendly fabric adhesive solution which is tailored according to your needs.

Nikhil Chande

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Nikhil Chande
Founder & CEO


Make it simple, but significant.

Don Draper
ID cards or badges are a must in every exhibition to avoid the unnecessary crowd. The cards contain some important information which helps to participate in that particular exhibitions but a significant amount of money is spent in making such cards or badges.
Our innovative product does the work in comparatively lesser expense and stays long on a fabric. The fabric stickers are completely non-toxic and easy-to-apply. These stickers can be customized as per the exhibition's theme or a brand's ethics.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Rachel Zoe
Every event or concert demands a pass or ID card so that the place doesn't become jam-packed and unwanted hassles create inconvenience to the authentic pass or ID card holders. Our eco-friendly product provides identity to the participants without interrupting their activities unlike the heavy plastic cards hanging on the neck.
The PVC cards are heavy and don't come cheap, the paper ID cards require lamination whereas the plastic cards are non-biodegradable. We bring an eco-friendly alternative to these traditional and costly cards that can be used to provide a customized identity to a huge mass in events and concerts.

People will stare. Make it worth their while

Harry Winston
At a conference, an ID card tells your designation and name which is the most important requirement for a company. Such cards help to maintain the confidentiality, organization and security of a conference. Our economic fabric stickers go well with every conference identity requirements without demanding a big expense.
The environment friendly fabric stickers provide an elegant and professional look to the invited participants and make the identification easier. Corporate employees usually suit up for the special conferences but ordinary fabric adhesive can damage the clothing. Our safe and eco-friendly product pampers the clothing and lasts long on the fabric.

When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else.

Iris Apfel
Some birthday parties demand a theme badge or pass. Be it ten people or hundreds of cheering invitees - you have to cough up a big amount to create the PVC, plastic or paper badges, cards or pass. The quick fabric adhesive can be easily customized and reused for other birthday parties as well.
Birthday parties are full of activities and fun and with a heavy card tying on your neck, you can enjoy it to the fullest. The fabric adhesive gives wings to your movements and you can jump, run or shake a leg without facing any difficulty.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it

Edith Head
The bright and colorful badges and ID cards are very common in school or college annual function. The hanging PVC or plastic ID cards get in the way of the zeal of the participants and look old-fashioned. Our fabric adhesive doesn't restrict the movements of the participants and resonates with the school/college identification norms as well.
The annual functions comprise of speeches, dance and singing performances, prize distribution and many other activities. Our biodegradable and safe fabric stickers stay in place for hours and can be used multiple times. All the essential details can be easily printed on the customizable fabric stickers.

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